Digital Strategy

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Business sketchThere are thousands of things you could be doing with digital marketing.

But what should you be doing?

The list of things you “have” to do is long. But even if your business could benefit from dozens of different strategies and tactics, how could you manage them all? Is there the time? Is there the budget?

Instead, develop a digital marketing strategy that allows you to focus on what will make the biggest difference. Why is this better? Firstly, you’re optimizing your dollars and your focus. And secondly, there’s no more feeling like you’re missing on all the things you’re being told to do.

Here are some of the questions we ask when putting together a digital marketing strategy:

  • Are you selling and/or raising brand awareness? What tactics work best for either case?
  • How central is your website to all of your digital marketing? If it’s the hub, is it set up to function that way?
  • Are you measuring results now? Website traffic? Click-through ratios? Video views?
  • Where does social media fit in with your needs, if at all?
  • Is a constant stream of new and relevant content important?
  • Should you be paying for clicks?

Modular, nimble, and why that matters.

When we put together a detailed digital marketing plan, we construct it in modules, so you can determine what aspects to invest your time and money in. This allows a nimble, targeted approach rather than trying to hit everything at once.

There are  dozens, if not hundreds of interactive initiatives you could take to grow your online presence. Knowing which ones to pursue comes from experience – and experimenting. You need a partner that will help you avoid wasting time and money on things that won’t work well for you.