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26-mobileYour Audience is Mobile. Are You?

Be there for your market wherever they are, and they will take notice.

According to comScore, Inc., 4 out of 5 smartphone users have used their mobile devices to access retail content. And a recent iAcquire survey found that 40% of mobile customers will visit another site if the one they’re on isn’t mobile-friendly. It’s clear – customers are relying on their mobile devices more than ever before. Mobile-friendly websites aren’t just a fad. They’re what today’s customers are demanding. So what does that mean for you?

You can no longer afford to put off a mobile-specific marketing strategy.

To help you reach local and on-the-move customers, we’ll first filter your customers using geographic and demographic factors of your choice. Then, we can create and implement a mobile and local marketing strategy, including the following:

  • Design a mobile-friendly version of your website
  • Implement e-commerce features if necessary
  • Add your business on map-based searches on sites like Google
  • Get your business listed in localized search results
  • Reach out to local customers by creating a presence on local review sites

Be local. Be mobile.

Don’t get left behind. Make your website, videos, e-mails and more easy to find and interact with, or else your customers may look elsewhere. Let us help you create a mobile marketing strategy that’ll connect with your market, wherever they are.

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