Knowing what to do and how to do it. Efficiently and affordably.

That’s the mission statement. Simple, huh? So how do we make that happen?

Atticus Digital Marketing was founded by Cory Gabel in 2005 with the belief that the digital revolution should, and could, work for everyone. Whether you’re an artist, own a small business or are the director of marketing for a multi-national company, the basic needs are the same: knowing which online marketing activities actually produce results, and then having the professional resources to execute them effectively.

1. Knowing What To Do

Contrary to the constant buzz, there are no “musts” in the online world. Websites, e-mail, SEO, pay-per-click, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – just because it exists doesn’t mean it’s going to meaningfully contribute to your overall marketing aims. So how do you know what to pursue?

Experience. Trial and error. Making mistakes, having big wins. One of the benefits of working with our team is the cumulative experience we have. We’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, with six-figure budgets or substantially less than that. It all begins with a developing a digital marketing strategy that makes sense for you.

2. Knowing How to Do It

Realizing that you need an eye-catching website with snappy copy and a strong call to action is good marketing. Knowing a great graphic designer and superb copywriter would also be a good start. But – knowing how to build it becomes increasingly more important, and difficult, as technology constantly changes.

Will it work on all computers? Chrome or Safari? Smartphones and tablets? Gmail or Yahoo? Internet Explorer 5 that your boss still has?

This is the great divide in working with a “web guy” and having an integrated team. You need savvy marketing and technical chops. And, those professionals need to know how to work together efficiently and with the end-game always in mind. No clever coding to show off to techy friends in Ukraine, and no award-winning graphic design that even Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t program.

And did we mention PR? Social media? Ad planning? These are all high-skill resources from people who make it their daily quest to master their craft. That’s who you want on your team.

3. Stealth Affordability: Budget Ninjas

We believe that the efficiencies of working with the most talented people, either in-house or virtually, gives our clients the biggest bang for their buck. We like to think of ourselves as Budget Ninjas. Each client team is concise and nimble– we only involve those that will directly affect your success. This allows us to put your money to work on your priorities, not our overhead.

And it works. The results we’ve achieved for our clients are reflected by the large number of long-term relationships we have. They remain our partners because we consistently live up to our mission statement.

Our Team

• Cory Gabel, Agency Director – Strategy, Measurement (Google Analytics Certified), SEO

• Samantha Garner – Client Services Manager, Copywriting

• Robert Povelones – Web Development

• Mary Kate Murphy – Art Director


Cory Gabel
Agency Director
Google Certified Partner

Cory Gabel has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. He began his marketing career in scientific equipment sales, eventually becoming the director of marketing for several start-up biotech companies.In 2005, he launched Atticus Marketing Services, convinced that the “virtual” agency model was perfect for the business he wanted to run, and the clients he wanted to serve.

Cory is also an active composer and musician, and leverages the Atticus DM team for his own sales and marketing success. Chances are, if the team suggests a tactic or strategy, it’s been test-driven in Cory’s own business efforts.


Atticus Finch
Coach, Mentor, Fictional Character

From To Kill a Mockingbird: “You begin anyway, and you see it through no matter what.”

Atticus Finch is our ceremonial CEO, and we strive daily to treat our clients (and everyone else) the way we think he would: with honesty, intelligence, loyalty and compassion.

Scout’s honor.