There are thousands of things you could be doing with digital marketing. But what should you be doing?

Answering that question begins with creating a digital marketing strategy that allows you to focus on what will make the biggest difference in the most cost-effective way possible. Here are some of the questions we ask when putting together a digital marketing strategy:

  • Are you selling and/or raising brand awareness? What tactics work best for either case?
  • How central is your website to all of your digital marketing? If it’s the hub, is it set up to function that way?
  • Do prospects need to find you locally, regionally, or nationally?
  • Are you measuring results now? Website traffic? Click-through ratios? Video views?
  • Where does (or could) social media fit in with your needs, if at all?
  • Is a constant stream of new and relevant content important?
  • Should you be paying for clicks?

When we put together a detailed digital marketing plan, we construct it in modules, so you can determine what aspects to invest your time and money in. This allows a nimble, targeted approach rather than trying to hit everything at once.

Knowing what to pursue comes from experience – and experimenting. You need a partner that will help you avoid wasting time and money on things that won’t work well for you.

Website Development

Your website must communicate effectively and immediately, and in the manner most appropriate to your target audience. Does that mean large, engaging graphics? Video tutorials or introductions? Real-time news and updates throughout the site? We work with our website clients to analyze trends, and perform competitive analysis and analytics to strategize the best ways to encourage user engagement.

Here are some of the things we look for, and some of the ways we can improve your business’ website:

  • General trend analytics
  • Industry-specific analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand requirements
  • Cross-browser functionality
  • Mobile and tablet compatibility
  • Modifications for language, elderly audience, and the visually-impaired, when necessary

To “make sure it works”, you need to revel in the geekier side of digital marketing – the development. (That’s kind of our thing). We know the code, we know the platforms, we know the devices. But, what matters most – we’re focused on making your website a destination that your customers enjoy visiting.


A key digital marketing question: How important is Google for you? Are you local, national or global? Is your market broad or a narrowly-defined niche? Are you trying to sell a product online, or just raise awareness of your brick and mortar business? While it’s true that ranking high with Google can be critical for some businesses, it may not be the case for you.

All of the above are key to knowing how much emphasis and work will go into your search engine marketing. A comprehensive SEO plan may be needed, or you may need to pick and choose which methods and approaches will deliver the most impact.

Here are some of the ways we can help you succeed with search engine marketing:

  • Website architecture review/code clean-up for higher indexing
  • Create sitemaps
  • Submit sitemaps to major search engines
  • Optimize page titles and and meta descriptions
  • Engage other websites for meaningful backlinks
  • Create and manage a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising plan
  • Devise an ongoing content strategy
  • Leverage social media for improved search results
  • Mobile and local search
  • Get a search engine marketing strategy that’s tailored to you

The online experience you create is unique, so your SEO plan needs to be unique as well. We’ll work with you to outline your digital marketing goals, target customers, and budget. Then, we’ll create a strategy that will help you increase your online visibility to your customers, while remaining flexible to any changes that arise.


You know you need relevant, interesting content to engage visitors of your online spaces. It’s difficult and time-consuming enough to build a website, set up a Facebook page, write copy, and record videos to get things launched – now you’re supposed to continually produce more content? As daunting as that may sound, the answer is almost always a resounding yes.

If you don’t have full-time, internal help to generate a steady stream of blog posts, video, Facebook and Twitter statuses, it almost always gets lost on the to-do list. And if you look to outsource these tasks, it admittedly requires more of a partnership between client and vendor than any other component of digital marketing.

To help you streamline your video and content creation strategy, we not only need to understand your branding message, but we have to learn your voice. Once we do, then we can make the following happen:

  • Understand your marketing goals and aims
  • Create a clear marketing message
  • Develop tangential “soft” content
  • Build a content library
  • Develop an e-mail newsletter
  • Create schedules for deployment of all video and content
  • Design a process to respond and interact with viewers and visitors

If your users aren’t making buying decisions on Facebook, should you spend less time on that channel? If your service  is highly customized, are video tutorials the way to go? What’s the right blend of educational information you should give away, and what you should charge for?

There’s no one answer to these questions. It takes trial and error, lots of time, and lots of measurement. That’s why content marketing is one of the biggest growth trends in the digital marketing industry. If you or a small team are trying to manage it all yourself, it’s simply too much.


Constant measurement and adjustment is the key to success. We provide robust reporting that integrates all aspects of your digital marketing program.

  • WEBSITE ANALYTICS. We’re Google Analytics certified, and will specifically configure your installation to track and measure all the key data points that truly matter. Know where your traffic is coming from, what it costs, and what those users do once they get to your website.
  • PAID SEARCH PERFORMANCE. By leveraging data from both Google Analytics and AdWords, we can glean the most important information needed to track trends and make constant adjustments and optimizations.
  • CONVERSION METRICS. Learn how users are interacting with your content, and how they’re ultimately getting into your lead funnel. Measure downloads, video views, contact form submissions, mobile clicks-to-call and more.

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